What is EVNT PLNR?

EVNT PLNR connects you to Vancouver’s top wedding and event planners in an entirely new way. Gain personalized advice and answers to your specific questions without the lengthy contracts or large fees. 

Why should I book a mini planning session?

Booking a mini planning session with EVNT PLNR gives you the opportunity to chat directly with an expert in the event planning industry. You’ll get the answers and advice you’re looking for. No more wasting hours searching the internet, driving across town for meetings, never-ending email chains, or waiting for replies. Our mini planning sessions offer you uninterrupted time with your chosen event expert from the comfort of your home, the office, or even the beach. EVNT PLNR gives you the help you need with your event, at a time and place that works for you, at a fraction of the cost. 

What can I expect from a mini planning session?

You can expect to receive personalized event planning assistance from one of the top event planners in the city. EVNT PLNR mini planning sessions allow you to chat with a real person at a time and price that works for you. 

How do I book a consultation?

Sign in to EVNT PLNR and browse our list of event planners. When you find the right fit, click their calendar and book a date and time from their offering. You’ll receive an email confirmation which will include the link to join your meeting. 

What can I ask my EVNT PLNR?

Our highly curated roster on EVNT PLNR have years of experience planning hundreds of weddings and special events. They can answer your questions and offer insights on a wide variety of topics. Some examples include: selecting the right venue, calculating food and beverage quantities, choosing vendors like florists, navigating budget questions, and even how to delegate day-of responsibilities so you can enjoy your special day. There is no question to big or small for our planners. 

Can I book for longer than 40mins?

Our professionals are busy planning events and have carved out specific slots in their schedule to accommodate EVNT PLNR meetings. Meetings end automatically, however, if you enjoy chatting with a planner and wish to have more assistance, feel free to book another meeting during one of their upcoming availabilities. You may also book meetings consecutively if you feel you’ll need more than 40 minutes to cover your to-do list. 

How can I cancel a EVNT PLNR booking?

We understand things can come up. EVNT PLNR meetings can be cancelled up to 24hours prior to your meeting. You can cancel by logging in and viewing your Bookings here https://evntplnr.com/my-account/bookings/

How do I choose the best EVNT PLNR for me?

Browse the profiles of our planners to find the one that jumps out to you. It may be their tone, personality, or experience. What makes EVNT PLNR great is you have the freedom to find the right fit for you. Continue to chat with the same planner through your planning, or switch it up and try someone different for your next chat. You are in complete control. 

How does EVNT PLNR save me money?

Professional event planning in Canada starts around $12,000 on average. This is determined by the planner’s experience, demand, and the logistics of the event. And professional event planners spend hundreds of hours carefully curating each event with their expertise. But not everyone needs that level of involvement from a professional. EVNT PLNR lets you maintain control of the vision and logistics, but gives you the access to the knowledge and experience of professionals. Get as much or as little help as you need without a large contract. Manage your budget and take control of your planning by booking mini planning sessions when you need them. 

How does EVNT PLNR save me time?

Event planning requires hours of emails, phone calls and web searches. Searching online reviews, inquiring about cost and reliability without really knowing what sets one person or place apart from the next. With EVNT PLNR you can instantly chat with the experts in the wedding and event planning industry to get the personalized help you need. By connecting with EVNT PLNR you instantly have access to valuable recommendations from the planners who have been in the business 10+ years planning hundreds of events.

How do I prepare for my EVNT PLNR mini planning session?

All you need is a pen and paper! Jot down notes on the advice and answers provided by your experienced professional. We recommend bringing one or two specific questions to a mini planning session. 

Example questions for your EVNT PLNR


* Help! I’m having trouble choosing the right venue. Is there anywhere I’m missing?

* Why does this photographer charge $2k more that that one?

* We are having 50 people at our wedding. How much glassware do we need to rent?

* Do I really need a professional DJ or will an Spotify playlist work?

* How long should speeches be?

* How do I create a timeline and run of show?

* What is a processional?

* How do I create a realistic budget for my event?

* I want to create a great kids birthday party with a moderate budget. Can you help?

* What are some great ways to make our office holiday party special?

* I want to do something special for our anniversary. Can you help?

* Can you help me with a special proposal?

* How do I know if I should hire a day of wedding planner or full planner?

* How can I help manage family expectations at my event?

* How can I plan a day that I can actually enjoy?

* I’m interested in a career in event planning. Do you have any tips?


The opinions of the EVNT PLNR’s are theirs alone. The EVNT PLNR team will do their best to answer all of your questions, however, depending on the complexity or time it takes to assist you, multiple meetings may be needed. Our EVNT PLNRs will not provide any of their professional intellectual property ie. Timelines, Budgets, Guides, as this is reserved for their full and partial planning clients.