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Radhika Graham

Owner and Lead Planner / Rad Occasions

Victoria, BC


Based in Victoria, BC we specialize in weddings, conference assistance, and corporate events with a focus on unique details and sustainability.


With over 10 years of experience with weddings, corporate events, and conferences we are the chameleons of wedding planners.  Not only do we specialize in creating unique and sustainable weddings and events but we have also developed tools and guides to help you throughout the process.  We are proud to have adapted to many different environments including island communities, industries with heavy regulations, and even venues that weren't created to host events. We can't wait to chat with you and give you the tools to create a truly memorable event.

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Wedding & Event Planning Services

Rad Occasions is a full service wedding and event planning company based in beautiful Victoria, BC. Established in 2015, we specialize in creating unique and sustainable weddings and events. With over a decade of experience in the wedding and events industry we bring our expertise to our clients through easily accessible guides as well as our podcast, That’s Rad.

With our consulting services we help our clients with:

  • Developing a realistic budget
  • Sourcing venues that meet all or some of their criteria including venue availability
  • Connecting with vendors that will be able to bring their vision to life
  • Creating a task list to help stay on track during the planning process
  • Providing input on items such as timelines, floor plans, and sustainable swaps
  • Creating a design to reflect a day that uniquely reflects the couple and/or business and their communities

About the owner: Radhika Graham

Radhika (or Rad for short) began working in the wedding industry almost a decade ago and in 2015, she founded her own company which has been an amazing journey ever since. Her passion for creating intentional and sustainable events has evolved into a full-service company that she now runs with her team, including her husband, Rob. As a certified planner and a lifelong romantic, she prides myself on going the extra mile for the clients she works with – whether it’s folding 500+ paper cranes before a ceremony or running Olympic sprints in heels to save flowers from stormy weather. Aside from planning weddings and events, she teaches with the Wedding Planner’s Institute of Canada and is getting over my fear of public speaking by speaking in public, of course!

Favourite Things: eating a delicious piece of cake, beautifully written vows, & spending time as a family whether it be checking out the newest restaurant or strolling the Songhees Walkway

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